Sunday, November 27, 2011

Where In The World Are The Jones'?

     "Where are we?"        "I don't know, but I think I can see a monkey."
 Here's some clues...

5 hour flight

 no phones, only bananas
Horseback riding in the jungle...

 galloping on the beach
Aunt Jazz and Uncle Rod
El Avion Restaurant

 (yes, Quinton had to take his scout belt off and bind Lennox to his chair to ensure he didn't roll down the hill to the Ocean.)

 As you can tell we recently discovered the panoramic feature on our camera.
The 3 villas of Tres-Amigos (the one in the middle was ours)
Black Sand Beaches
Coconut trees everywhere
Mangroves behind the property giving us 360 degrees of ocean
 A great place to watch the waves and zone out
A national park with white sand beaches

A new form of transportation... 

 Ziplining in the rain equals 2x the speed with 0.5x the brakes... Awesome.

 One happy baby..
 The little turtle reminds us how much we miss somebody...

 There were plenty of Three-Toed Sloths to be seen doing Tai-Chi in the trees...

All the fresh coconut water you can handle...
 Beautiful sunsets...

 fun times with the boys...

 Private pool...
 Private villa...

And evidently a private beach since we saw no one for a solid week...

Any Guesses???


Survey says...

Jones Tested.
Jones Approved.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Eccl. 3 and Misc

In preparing this blog post, all I could think of is Ecclesiastes Chpt 3.

A lot can happen in 9 months...

soon to turn the big 1 !

Too handsome. Anniversary in Whales Vagina...

a.k.a San Diego

One of our restaurant fave's ; Prime at C-Level

The potted brownie, I think the waitress had set it down about 25 seconds prior to this photo being taken...a time to break down nonetheless

A Time to wear mis-matched clothes...bleh

Gibson and the Morris boys. Thrilled to be riding Thomas the Train.

a time to say goodbye to cousins :-(

a time to finally hit the lake

verse 13

So proud of you honey

always a time for Mexico...

now I gotta go listen to James Taylor's "Mexico" ahhh I miss it!

a time for a tan and a little haircut-clearly he didn't get to go to Cancun

a time to play in the mud

Cuddly Cannon, such a cutie

a time to hang out by the pool

a time for popsicles and smoothies all day long

a time for Big fun in TEXAS

Grandma and Grandpa with all their Favorite Things!

Gibson and Tyson siesta

Skye pie and Lennox (1 week apart)

Wooohooo Aunt Kendee!


me swatting bees on the train ride

Uncle Steve, The reigning Settler of Catan

Silly Mai Mai

Nice shiner

So pretty


Patricia ( the Rowley family garden spider)

So much sugar.

hey Aimee Kendee Jacquee, who's responsible for Thing 12?...

She's Randeelicious

I loved the baton twirling class. Naturally I was the favorite student. Hmmph.

auntie Aimee and newest cousin Chase!

There's a good Maile shot...

... and one from Miss Claire

pimp my breakfast lunch dinner snack and dessert please...

we had such a good time, can't possibly tell everything we did, so much work from Sheryl, Mike, Kendee & Steve since they were home a way ground zero.

he loves those train rides

my hot piece

Ladybird Lake

we decided we like our native Salt River better for SUP

plane ride home from Mike & Sheryl Jones family reunion

brace yourselves...

a time to truly trust in the Lord

Grandpa and dear baby Cannon.

This sweet nephew of mine went home to Heavenly Father on Aug. 29, 2011

We can't wait for that sweet reunion...

Jasmine is such a beautiful Mother. Cannon looks so peaceful.

I kept hearing this verse from the new primary song over & over, another tender mercy for such a time to mourn...for those of you who don't know the words;

"I feel the Holy Spirit as he teaches truth and light,

He comforts me in times of need, he testifies of Christ,

He speaks to me in quiet ways that fill my soul with peace,

and if I listen with my heart, I hear the Savior's voice."

and one more goodbye of a different nature...

Our family dog Moby went on to heaven to be a buddy for little Cannon. September 9, 2011

It helps to reminisce about all the good memories...

So in looking back over the seasons and months gone by, my heart is heavy with feelings of gratitude, grief, some joy, some more grief,... but ya know as cliche as it may seem, mostly love. I love my Savior and Friend. The awful pain of separation & death loses its sting as I strive to be more obedient. I can be sad for a season but ultimately I know that I can someday see & embrace my loved ones.

Dear Cannon- Gibson & Lennox sure love and miss their big brave cousin. You boys will get your full playtime, it will be so fun!

Dear Moby- be a good dog for Cannon.We love and miss you both, see you soon boys.